Depression and Anxiety Management Group

I currently offer a psychotherapy group focused on the management of symptoms related to clinical depression and anxiety. The group will emphasize best treatment practices in cognitive and behavioral psychology, in addition to empathetic support, problem-solving and coping skills development. Having a group of peers to offer support, validation, advice, and connection can be a critical component of the successful treatment of depression and anxiety.

Process Therapy Group

Sharing your week with an unbiased group of peers is a powerful resource. The Process Therapy Group is a place where you can share your weekly successes, goals, roadblocks, and struggles. The group is intended to provide peer support, validation, and accountability in a lighthearted environment. All topics are welcome from career goals, confidence building, to relationship advice. Please contact me with additional questions.

All families experience difficult times. In many instances, a family can pull together and work through adversity, however, sometimes they get stuck. When a family is having a particularly challenging time problem-solving as a team, there are either lapses in communication or flawed approaches to conflict resolution. Family therapy provides the environment for each member to express their perspective, offer support and brainstorm alternative methods of resolving difficulties. Family therapy is a resource for those that are confronting addiction, trying to restore fractured relationships, dealing with child rearing issues, or disciplining teenagers/young adults. When family conflict is managed successfully, relationships become stronger. Call me if you think that family therapy will work for you.

Being a part of a group of people that have similar life experiences creates the feeling of acceptance and hope. A psychotherapy group allows each of its members to provide and receive support in a safe environment. I currently offer a men's support group that is designed for men seeking a greater self-understanding and more satisfying relationships. The group format includes education and discussion about issues specific to men. Typical reasons to consider a men's psychotherapy group include: feeling angry, dissatisfaction with relationships, difficulties trusting, feeling the need to please others, relying on drugs or alcohol to socialize, problems communicating thoughts and feelings, being controlling in relationships, anxiety in social situations, and having trouble with self-esteem.  If you feel that there is seldom an opportunity to speak openly and honestly about emotional burdens, the group is here to help.

Do you experience frequent arguments with your partner, keep secrets, have resentments, question the future, or lack intimacy? If so, couples counseling is for you. For most couples, relationship problems arise from a lack of skills in the areas of communication, emotional reciprocity and conflict resolution. Fortunately, with motivated and dedicated couples, healthy relationship skills can be taught. It is my goal to help rediscover that "spark" and forge a more fulfilling bond in your relationship.

Family Therapy

Addictions Counseling

Men's Psychotherapy Group

Marital/Couples Counseling

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a critical component of recovery from addiction. Understanding the contributing factors to addiction, such as triggers, thoughts, beliefs, self-image and relationships can strengthen the likelihood of maintaining sobriety. My philosophy of addictions treatment includes a variety of approaches including psychoeducation, stress reduction, cognitive therapy, goal setting, social skills training, behavioral activation, and, if needed, family intervention. I work closely with other professional resources for addictions treatment, including psychiatrists, hospitals and clinics and embrace the use of multiple sources of support when needed. A great deal of my experience as a psychotherapist has involved the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism within various clinical settings. I would enjoy the opportunity to help you find hope, fulfillment, and sobriety.

Psychological Testing

Individual psychotherapy is a process through which clients engage in a collaborative relationship with a trained psychotherapist for support and guidance in a safe, caring environment. My practice emphasizes individualized attention to help clients explore their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors, identify areas of life that they want to change and set healthy personal goals. Clients typically seek psychotherapy for many reasons including stress management, life transition, coping with anxiety and depression, trauma, loss, addiction, relationship problems and desiring a greater self-understanding. Ultimately, my goal as a psychologist is to facilitate positive life changes, lend a listening ear, help identify causes of stress and provide strategies for managing life's challenges. If you would like to learn more about the process of psychotherapy or schedule an appointment, please give me a call.

Psychological testing is a standardized, objective method of assessing a person's intellectual, behavioral and emotional characteristics. The assessment process includes integrating multiple sources of information, such as tests of personality, ability, intelligence, interests and attitudes, as well as information obtained from personal interviews. Some psychological tests identify specific conditions, such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, attention deficit and learning disabilities, while other tests are designed to measure general personality traits. To learn more about my psychological testing services or inquire about fees, please contact me.

Eric W. Bravo, Psy.D.

                  Clinical Psychologist, LLC